Fuse Clips

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  • Visco Clip - 50 Pieces

    Visco Clip, bag of 50 pcs.

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    • $6.99
  • Visco Clip - 1,000 Pieces

    Visco Clip, bag of 1,000 pcs.

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    • $89.99
  • 1000pc 4" Zip Ties

    1000pc Bag of 4" Mini Zip Ties for quick connection of fuse in your fireworks show.

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    • $8.99
  • 50pc Firework Junction

    10pc Fuse Connex Each Fuse ConneX can connect up to four pieces of fuse together. Place the fuses in the connex in any configuration you like, then just close it shut and you are ready to go. Light one fuse and set off multiple devices.

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    • $9.99